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Our attorneys have devoted their careers to achieving excellence in the area of family law.

Washington Family Law Blog

What you can do when a divorce turns toxic

Couples in Washington divorce for a variety of reasons, including infidelity, money or because they no longer get along. Regardless of why you're ending your marriage, the key to moving forward is finalizing this process. Unfortunately, wrapping up this matter can...

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How a divorce might impact your home loan

The mortgage on your Washington home remains in effect regardless of what happens during divorce proceedings. This is because your mortgage contract trumps language in a divorce decree. Therefore, you might still be responsible for making home loan payments for...

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The positive and negative impact of divorce

The end of a marriage will inevitably have both positive and negative impacts. Furthermore, it will also affect the members of a dissolving family differently, meaning that while a change brought about by the divorce might be positive for you, it might be negative for...

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Life beyond a gray divorce

Divorce can be a life-altering event for someone who is over the age of 50. Filing for divorce in a Washington Family Court can be stressful and concerning for someone of any age, but there could be additional complexities for someone undergoing a gray divorce. When...

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How stock options are divided in a divorce

Almost anything that was accumulated during your marriage could be considered part of the marital estate. Therefore, if your spouse was granted stock options by an employer, those options could be included as part of a Washington divorce settlement assuming that it...

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