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Examples of communication issues between spouses

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2024 | Divorce

While getting married can be very exciting and rewarding, it’s inevitable that married couples face challenges at some point. To overcome such difficulties, couples need to focus on their communication.

Without communication, disagreements are likely to fester, and the marriage may ultimately end up in trouble. Here are some of the most common communication issues seen between spouses.

Failing to listen

One common example of communication problems in a marriage is where one party overpowers the other in conversations and does not listen. This can easily happen when one partner feels especially passionate about a topic.

However, marriage is a union, which means that the opinions of each spouse have to be respected. For this to happen, one partner must not dominate the conversation and fail to listen to other points of view.

While there are no quick fix solutions and every situation is unique, couples may find it beneficial to hold more structured conversations on contested topics. In some cases, couples’ counseling can help provide methods for ensuring that both partners feel heard.

The silent treatment

While each spouse should have their own space, and it can be beneficial to cool down after an argument, the silent treatment should not go on for long periods. Issues have to be addressed and talked about. Otherwise they can start to build up.

It’s a common misconception that arguments are a sure sign that the marriage has broken down. Not arguing and not talking to one another can be just as damaging.

If your marriage looks like it may be beyond the point of repair, it’s important to think about protecting yourself. Seeking legal guidance is a great place to start.