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An empty nest leads to divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Divorce

Spouses may live in a harmonious union when their children reside in the household. However, things may change when the children leave the home. Problems derived from empty nest syndrome may develop, leading the spouses to file for divorce in a Washington courtroom. Some may wonder why this happens, and examining the underlying reasons may illuminate the situation.

The empty nest divorce

Empty nest syndrome refers to the problems that could arise in a marriage when children move out of a home. The reasons why empty nest syndrome may cause problems in a marriage vary. One reason for marital conflict may be a shift in the household’s financial situation or how money impacts the spouses. For example, as parents age and face costs associated with past tuition bills, worries may arise about how to address retirement savings. One spouse could take paying down debt and maintaining a retirement fund more seriously than the other, creating friction.

Some spouses may remain in a troubled marriage because their focus is on their children’s well-being. A costly divorce could impact the children negatively, so the spouses put differences aside and stay together. Once the children leave the home, the spouses have no reason to sustain the marriage. Filing for divorce may be the step both spouses pursue.

Divorce and empty nests

Friction that never reared its head when the children were in the household might become pronounced once they leave. Spouses could argue over many things, making the union untenable. If one spouse becomes verbally abusive, the other spouse may find it too stressful and draining to stay in the home.

In some situations, divorcing could be both spouses’ best decision. A failing marriage may only worsen to everyone’s detriment while ending the marriage might be in everyone’s best interests.