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Why should parents seek a more even split of custody?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Firm News

Child custody in a divorce is often portrayed as an adversarial affair where parents fight to get as much time with their children as possible. While it can be like that, it doesn’t have to be, and it’s usually better if it is not.

A more even custody split is generally in the best interests of parents and children. Here is why:

It prevents one parent from feeling hard done by

Custody orders where one party feels they lost out do not form a good basis for future co-parenting relationships. If you both feel you got a fair outcome, it should be easier to work together. That will benefit you and your children.

It allows the children to benefit from what each of their parents has to offer

Who does your child turn to when they have a problem with their math homework? What about when they have to create something for art? Each parent has different talents, so your children likely pick who they ask for help with particular tasks. If they regularly spend time with each parent, it will be easier for them to continue doing so.

It allows parents and children to stay connected

Not being able to see someone you are used to seeing every day can be a big shock for a child and parent. If the gaps between seeing them again are relatively short, it will be easier to handle. Children benefit when both parents are a constant in their lives.

It allows both parents to work more

If one parent spends most of their time running around after the children, their income will likely lag far behind the other parent, who is freer to pursue their career. A more even split gives you both adequate time to focus on the children and focus on your careers.

With legal guidance, you can look for ways to achieve a more even split of custody.