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Our attorneys have devoted their careers to achieving excellence in the area of family law.

With a divorce registry, you don’t have to sweat the small stuff

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2024 | Divorce

You may have heard of divorce registries. This is a relatively new phenomenon that lets divorcing people (both women and men) create a list of things they can use as they either move to a new home or watch their spouse move out and take some of their home furnishings, kitchen appliances and exercise equipment with them.

To be clear, a divorce registry is not a replacement for getting a fair property division settlement. However, by letting friends and family who are asking how they can help buy you some new cookware after you realize your spouse took yours or wall art for your new home if your spouse wants to keep what’s in the current home, you can focus on more serious property division negotiations rather than argue over who gets the Peloton.

Choosing the divorce registry that fits your needs

One of the best-known and most creative registries, Divorcist, lets people ask for everything from coffee makers to mattresses and more. You can also simply ask for favors like help with moving, dog walking, babysitting and more as you get your support system in place. You can also simply ask for cash.

The Fresh Starts site lets people choose bundles to furnish a child’s room, home office, kitchen and more at various price points. If you have a child, they can help choose items they’d like for their new home.

Major retailers have gotten in on the divorce registry trend as well. You can set up a registry for any occasion, including divorce, at your favorite online retailer.

It bears repeating that a divorce registry is by no means a replacement for a fair division of property. However, it can help you replenish and decorate (or redecorate) your home, get some help with chores you may have relied on your spouse for or, if you don’t really need anything, get a tee shirt or mug that provides a message of positive reinforcement or lets others know you’re available.