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Top conflicts that lead to divorce: New survey results

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Divorce

In Washington, the reasons people choose to end their marriages rarely fall into the “black-and-white” category. Over time, various conflicts create friction in the relationship and ultimately lead to the dissolution of the relationship. A Forbes Advisor survey compiled information on the most prevalent causes of divorce.

Ongoing conflict and poor resolution skills were among the study’s top causes for no-fault divorces (divorce due to fault often stems from infidelity). The following covers the primary reasons people stated as the conflicts that fueled their marital problems and ultimate divorce.

Career choices

About 46%, or almost half of the survey participants, said that career choices caused the most marital conflict that led to divorce. Issues such as relocations, changing careers or repeatedly putting work ahead of the family can take an enormous toll on a relationship.

Different parenting styles

People tend to parent based on what they know from their upbringing, and the survey showed that 43% of respondents agreed that differences in parenting philosophies and styles created ongoing arguments. Common issues include different approaches to discipline, varying educational beliefs and mismatched value systems.

Household chores


The perception of unbalanced household labor can breed conflict and resentment. A 2022 study showed that when women handle a larger share of household chores, especially when they have children and a male partner, the imbalance affects the woman’s sexual desire.

The study mentioned that diminished sexual desire occurred when women felt their men depended on them to manage the household or when women perceived that they handled an unfair amount of the work.

Family and friends

The way spouses related to their family and friends was another common issue that led to marital conflict and dissolution, with 43% of couples divorcing after two to eight years of marriage citing this cause.

Placing loyalty to family members ahead of their spouse, having different expectations of how to conduct their own family life and difficulty maintaining healthy boundaries with family and friends were some of the common causes.

Understanding the meaning of commitment

Some relationships end in divorce because people do not understand the full depth of being in a committed relationship. The survey answers showed that 63% of the participants felt they could have potentially avoided divorce if they had a better understanding of commitment and more insight into their partner’s morals and values before entering into the marriage.

Each marriage is unique, but many suffer from the same relationship problems. Understanding and communicating productively about these issues can address or prevent them and help couples better navigate their marriages.