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Tips to help you co-parent with a narcissist

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Child Custody

Co-parenting with your former spouse in Washington should be at least manageable. However, it’s not that simple when your former partner or spouse is a narcissist. These are tips on how to handle such a situation and co-parent for the benefit of your kids.

Acknowledge that a narcissist won’t change

The first step in sharing child custody with your ex is to acknowledge that they won’t change. As a narcissist, they have certain tendencies, are manipulative and will use those traits to their advantage. You will have to just grin and bear it while co-parenting with them even though you can’t get along or work together.

Set boundaries

Immediately set boundaries, and be clear as to what’s acceptable and what is not. Don’t allow your former spouse to cross that line. As a narcissist, they will probably try to get as close to the edge or even past it. They might even completely disregard your wishes, but don’t let them manipulate you.

Limit communication

Limit your communication to certain situations while co-parenting and only in a way you feel most comfortable with. If you prefer strictly emails, it can take some of the edge off your unease. You may even want to use a neutral third party to speak with them for you if email alone isn’t enough.

Don’t indulge a narcissist

Narcissists go to any length to win an argument, so don’t allow your former spouse to tempt you. They want full control of all situations, including child custody and co-parenting. Avoid giving them opportunities where they can pick fights or use your children against you.

Narcissists will always try to push your buttons. When co-parenting with one, it’s up to you to keep in control.