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Understanding divorced spouse social security benefits

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2023 | Divorce

Ending your marriage in Washington can expose you to financial vulnerability. This is the time to inquire into the total benefits you may be eligible for.

How much can you expect to receive?

The exact amount of the benefits that you can qualify for after a divorce will depend on a number of factors. A divorced spouse can receive up to 50% of their former spouse’s retirement benefits. You will need to wait until you reach the age of retirement in order to claim the full amount of these benefits.

Remember that, for most people, the full retirement age to receive your Social Security is between 66 and 67. Most people can begin to receive these benefits at the age of 62. However, the Social Security Administration may opt to reduce the amount of your monthly benefits by as much as 30%. This penalty may apply if you file before your full retirement age.

How can you qualify for these benefits?

Getting ready to claim your benefits should be one of the key financial preparations that you make after your divorce. There are a number of criteria that you will have to meet to qualify. These include the following:

  • You were married for 10 years or longer
  • You have been divorced at least two years
  • You are at least 62 years of age
  • You are currently unmarried
  • The benefits you would receive based on your own work history are less than your divorced spouse benefits
  • Your former spouse is entitled to receive these benefits

There may be other factors that can influence the outcome of your application. You can contact the Social Security Administration for further guidance.