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Coordinating joint custody and how apps can help divorced parents

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Child Custody

Joint custody can be challenging for separated and divorced parents, especially regarding communication and scheduling. However, technology has made it easier to manage joint custody issues with the help of various apps. In Washington and other areas, mobile apps are widely used to help separated parents coordinate schedules, communicate and make important decisions about their child’s welfare.

Apps for scheduling and managing time

Our Family Wizard provides a platform where parents can share calendars, create to-do lists and send messages to each other. It also helps parents in divorce joint custody situations to track expenses and reimbursements, store important documents and access a journal where they can document any important information about their child.

Cozi is a calendar and scheduling app that allows parents to coordinate appointments, activities and events. It also has a shared grocery list and a to-do list, which can help parents keep track of tasks and responsibilities.

Another app, 2Houses, provides similar features, including shared calendars, a journal, a messaging system and expense tracking. It also includes the “info bank,” where parents can store important information about their child’s medical history, allergies and preferences.

Managing joint custody

While these apps can help manage joint custody arrangements, parents must communicate effectively and work together to make decisions about their child’s welfare. Technology can provide a useful tool to facilitate this process, but it should not replace the need for direct communication and cooperation between parents.

Technology improving communication in joint custody

Joint custody can be a complex and emotional process. Still, technology has provided new tools to help separated parents manage this challenging situation. Apps can provide a centralized platform for communication and scheduling, making it easier for parents to work together in their child’s best interests.