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The components of a co-parenting plan

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Child Custody

After parents in Washington state divorce, they can get a child custody order. Co-parenting is often the best thing for the child and there are certain components that make up a successful co-parenting plan.

Consider your child’s best interests

Just as child custody is determined by the court based on your child’s best interests, your co-parenting plan should reflect the same. Consider what’s best for your child in terms of meeting their physical and emotional needs. Who gets them on which week and during which times? This will have to be determined between you and your ex.

What are the expenses and who pays them?

You and your ex will have to decide who pays what toward your child’s expenses. While you might pay for certain things such as food and clothing, your ex might end up being responsible for educational and extracurricular expenses.

Good communication

The key to a successful co-parenting plan involved good, open lines of communication between the two parents. You have to be able to contact one another at any time necessary when it relates to your child. Having an open line of communication and being able to really talk openly and honestly can strengthen your co-parenting plan and your relationship with your child.

Clear visitation schedule

Having a clear visitation schedule so that you and your ex can easily share child custody is important. You can come up with a visitation schedule that works for both of you and establish how you will drop off and pick up your child. You can also have a plan B in place if something suddenly comes up and plans change.

Have rules for your child set

Both parents having rules set for the child is a good part of any co-parenting plan. There may be one set of rules in one home and another in the other home. Or both parents could have similar rules established for the child to follow.