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Divorce and joint custody benefits for fathers in Washington

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2021 | Child Custody

Experiencing a divorce is often one of the most challenging events from which a family can emerge. And even though you and your ex-spouse are no longer together, that does not lessen the impact you can have on your children. If you are looking to understand better how joint custody can benefit you and your children, the below information may prove useful.

How children benefit

If you read just about any research on how divorce impacts children, it will likely provide you with a stream of adverse mental health, academic, and emotional outcomes. However, much of this may be due to how custody has been traditionally divided in the U.S. Child custody that favors co-parenting or splitting time between parents has often shown great promise.

Children need to know that both parents are equally invested in their lives and futures. And through working with your ex-spouse in a joint custody endeavor, you open all involved to the numerous possibilities that co-parenting has to offer.

Benefits to fathers

In addition to your children living happier lives, there are also significant benefits for fathers who have joint custody. Fathers are able to take part in the entirety of their children’s lives. Those who choose joint physical custody and have it approved within the legal system see a multitude of benefits. These fathers are no longer relegated to the sidelines for after-dinner phone calls or weekend sports games. Instead, they are able to talk to their children on a consistent basis, plan family vacations, and learn more about how their children view the world around them.

This type of relationship with your children allows you to build and maintain a lifelong relationship. It allows fathers and children the ability to learn and grow together within their own unique little families.

Joint custody provides innumerable benefits to fathers and children. Working towards obtaining this type of custody agreement may be the most valuable decision you make in your life to maintain good relationships with your children.