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The complications of gray divorce

Getting a divorce in your 50s can come with several financial complications. You should be prepared for alimony taxation and make changes to your estate plan as needed. If you're a Washington resident, here are some more important details you should know about a...

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Dividing debt in a divorce

When two spouses file for divorce, asset distribution becomes a prominent aspect of negotiations. While divorcing Washington spouses may be wise to focus on property division and child or spousal support, neither party can take their eyes away from any accumulated...

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Options for ending a marriage

When Washington couples marry, they are hoping for a happily ever after. However, it does not always work out. In those cases, they have two options for ending the marriage. Depending on a variety of factors, couples who want to end their union can opt for a divorce...

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The dangers of loyalty traps

Parents typically want what is best for their children, but the stress from a divorce could lead to making errors in judgment. A Washington family court judge might not appreciate parents who get their children involved in "loyalty traps," as such behavior could be...

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The components of a co-parenting plan

After parents in Washington state divorce, they can get a child custody order. Co-parenting is often the best thing for the child and there are certain components that make up a successful co-parenting plan. Consider your child’s best interests Just as child custody...

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