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Overcoming insecurity about being the ex-wife

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Divorce

Divorced women in Washington may have insecurities involving their role as an ex-wife. This becomes even more common when an ex-husband remarries. Fortunately, there are effective strategies for managing these feelings.

Identify the source of the insecurity

According to motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, insecurity comes from a place deep inside when people believe that they aren’t good enough. These feelings become even more common for an ex-wife who blames herself for the divorce.

When an ex-wife sees her ex-husband moving on with someone new, she may wonder what that woman has that she doesn’t. She likely focuses on this even more if her marriage ended as the result of an affair.

Mothers who go through a divorce commonly report experiencing “mom guilt,” in which they blame themselves for their children growing up in a “broken home.” When a stepmother steps into the lives of the children, that guilt becomes more prevalent.

Having self-awareness

While everyone needs to have self-awareness, it’s even more important for ex-wives who deal with insecurity. Being able to separate the “internal experience” from the “actual experience” is key. When an ex-wife sees her ex-husband with a new wife and her children with their new stepmother, having self-awareness is key.

Focusing on yourself

Ex-wives struggling with mom guilt regularly fail to focus on themselves. However, doing so is paramount for overcoming insecurity. Instead of focusing on how wonderful the new wife is, she should spend time focusing on her own strengths.

Divorce often brings about great personal turmoil. Knowing how to deal with the insecurities caused by a divorce is crucial for moving into the next phase of life.