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The problems with 50/50 custody

Washington couples entering into a divorce may believe that 50/50 child custody is the right choice for them. While there are many benefits to 50/50 child custody, there are some problems that it does create. By understanding what these problems are, you can better decide whether or not 50/50 custody is right for your situation.

What does 50/50 custody mean?

In family law, 50/50 child custody means that a child or children will spend an equal amount of time with both parents. Most courts use the number of nights that are spent with each parent as the custody percentage. For 50/50 child custody, the child or children will spend an average of 182 nights with each parent throughout the year. You may also hear 50/50 child custody referred to as joint physical custody of the children or child.

Cons of joint custody

One of the biggest drawbacks to 50/50 child custody is the logistics behind it. While it might be nice for both parents to have an equal amount of time with their children, a lot of that time may be spent transporting kids back and forth. Unless both parents live within a short distance of each other where their children can attend the same school, 50/50 child custody may not be the best idea.

Joint 50/50 child custody is not commonly suggested for younger children. This is because it can create a large disruption in their ability to feel at home with both parents and live a stable lifestyle. Many times, 50/50 child custody may be reserved for children in their teenage years who are better able to adjust to the constant transportation between each parent.

Getting help from a family law attorney

When it comes to dealing with the custody of your children, you may believe that it’s right to split it right down the middle. While this may seem like a good idea on paper, it may not be the best solution for your family in real life. It’s important to assess the various disadvantages that come along with joint custody before deciding on whether or not it’s the right type of arrangement for your family.