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Does living together lead to millennial divorces?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Divorce

Living together before getting married doesn’t reflect an entirely new trend. Millennials appear to embrace the plan, but it seems the divorce rate among young persons who cohabitate trends upwards. Of course, cohabitation alone doesn’t automatically mean millennial couples in Washington can’t avoid divorce, but the figures raise some concerns.

Living together and commitments

Before moving in together, younger persons may find value in seriously thinking about a future commitment to one another. Living together without plans for long-term and serious partnerships may lead to an eventual marriage, but a potentially short-term one. Some young couples may live together for five years or more, which might increase the chance of divorce. In other cases, they may never choose to marry, leaving both partners to wonder if they squandered five years possibly. Couples could benefit from thinking about their future lives together. A lot could change in five years, and those changes may impact the relationship between them.

Thinking about the future

Reasons for divorce include drifting apart, career changes, disagreements over financial matters, among many others. Sometimes, couples may share the same beliefs and goals, but things change as time progresses. When both partners sit down and review their plans for the next five years, they might get a clearer picture about whether they are sincerely compatible.

Imagine if someone wants children and the other doesn’t. Such a disagreement could lead to a marital breakdown among younger and older spouses.

While no one wants to think about divorce before getting married, some may consider a prenuptial agreement. This way, if things don’t work out, the agreement could protect a partner’s assets.

An attorney could discuss prenuptial agreements with millennial clients. It is important, though, that each party has separate