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Is a collaborative divorce right for you?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2021 | Uncategorized

Traditionally, the divorce process has been long and tiring for all parties involved. Now, Washington residents have the option of undergoing a collaborative divorce. This type of divorce model is considered a modern and non-adversarial resolution option.

A new outlook on divorce

Ending a marriage is something that can affect every part of your life. Unfortunately, some people hang on to a lifeless marriage for the simple fact of not ruining their finances or not ruining their relationship with their children. Many people are stuck in the old idea that a divorce will bring out the worst in people. The reality is that a collaborative divorce can be a great way to end your marriage and be transparent with your children and former spouse.

It’s time to be non-adversarial

If you and your former spouse can agree to a non-adversarial way of handling the divorce process, then you may want to undergo a collaborative divorce. Unlike mediation or litigation, a collaborative divorce allows both parties to use their own lawyers for representation. Your collaborative divorce lawyer can provide you with support throughout the entire divorce process in a confidential manner.

An interdisciplinary team

When you undergo a collaborative divorce, you and your former spouse will be assigned an interdisciplinary team. This team will help to make the process healthy and ensure that you both walk out of the divorce feeling whole. As part of your interdisciplinary team, you’ll be assigned a mental health professional. They will act as your coach throughout the divorce process to ensure that your emotions are normalized.

If you don’t want to deal with a traditional divorce that ends up devastating all parts of your life, then you may want to consider getting your former spouse to agree to a collaborative divorce. This type of divorce provides you with an interdisciplinary team that helps to ensure that you get through the divorce process without a large hassle. It’s always advisable to hire a lawyer to assist with the process.