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Our attorneys have devoted their careers to achieving excellence in the area of family law.

Women may be surprised by their post-divorce finances

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Firm News

Wives in Washington often do not realize what is waiting for them financially on the other side after their divorces are complete. From debt to the realization that they may not have enough money, they are often taken by surprise by the state of their finances. This could leave them in a precarious financial situation.

Sometimes, women find out after the divorce how much debt they have been left with by their spouse. They are responsible for the debt incurred by joint accounts and may also be liable when they have co-signed on credit for their spouse. Many soon-to-be ex-wives hope to continue raising the children at home. However, they are often surprised to learn that the combination of the assets that they’ll receive plus child support may not provide enough money. These women may have to cover the difference by returning to work.

Another unwelcome surprise for soon-to-be ex-wives is the realization that they may not be able to remain in the family home. Sometimes, the home must be sold. In other cases, the husband gets to keep the house. Furthermore, women often recoil when they learn exactly how much health insurance costs. They can no longer remain on their husband’s insurance after the divorce and must get it a policy themselves either through their job or on the private exchange.

A divorce attorney may prevent a client from being caught off-guard after a divorce by a shaky financial situation. To help ensure a more secure post-divorce life, legal counsel could negotiate the most desirable settlement possible.